My Mom Pushed Me to Write

If you read my blog you know that I  have set a goal for myself to get something published within a year. This is easier said than done. The challenge in front of me is not convincing an editor to read my work, but rather to actually write. Motivating myself can be a challenge especially when you live with 5 other people. Thanks to my mom I have found ways to get some writing done.2015-05-10 16.40.38

One day as I was trying to convince myself to do some writing I mentioned to my mom how hard it was to focus in my room. I said I was thinking of going else where but it was empty words. She had heard that all writers have a place they can go to write. So she suggested I go to the library, because it’s a quite place where I would be able to focus.

She made the idea more tangible. She quite literally told me to go that very day to the library. She made me feel accountable to someone. I felt like I needed to go to the library to get work done or I would be letting her down. So I went and I was able to write for almost two hours without getting distracted. This really works. So a few days later I found myself in a Barnes & Noble writing more. I had started making a habit out of going somewhere to write.

My mother gave me the push I needed to start writing regularly and I want to thank her. I also want to  encourage all writers to go write. Go find a place where you can let go of what’s happening and just write. Whether it’s a library, bookstore, restaurant, park, or coffee house. Go write, right now.

Happy Mother’s Day to the moms who push us towards our goals!

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