The Book is Always Better……but!

100% of the time the book is always better than the movie. When you read a book you can do things with in your head that you can’t while watching a movie. A book engages yScreenshot_2015-04-12-17-20-04-1our imagination and gives you the ability to create the stage, cast the characters and even be the main character. When you open a book and begin reading everything around you fades away and you are truly, literally inside the book. You can picture anything the book is doing in your head with out the limitations of reality.

With that said not all book based movies are bad.  On their own a few of  them are pretty good (ex. the Lord of the Rings, & Narnia), not because of a super special effect because they told the whole story and did their best to stay true to what the book had written. Without coming down on specific book based movies I would like to say that a few left out bits of information, characters or scenes that seemed unimportant, but a few movies later the story line doesn’t make much sense, because that little bit of information would have snow balled explaining future events.

What if instead of trying to cram a series of books with plots, scenes, major and minor character development, plot twists, and resolutions into a movie (or movies) someone tried to spread it out into a television series? Wow! What an idea! This would allow the writers to include every bit of  the story and the character development that sometimes gets left out. Imagine an entire station dedicated to shows based on books.

If you are a fellow book nerd you will understand the pain of watching a movie cut out a part of a book you fell in love with. There are characters in the Harry Potter books that never made the cut into the movies, yet those of  us who read the books loved them and would have loved them on the big screen. Would they have made the cut onto a television series that  had the time to tell the whole story? I don’t know, but it’s certainly something to think about.

Book vs. Movies Discussion


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