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As my readers may know I have been working towards a goal to get a my writing published. This is the ultimate challenge for a writer. Although we write because we can’t imagine doing anything else, to be published is to be validated.

So in pursuit of this goal I registered for the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Contest. I regiScreenshot_2015-09-18-21-39-28-1stered several months in advance, which meant I had plenty of time to imagine what was going to happen. My anticipation level was through the roof.

In my head I saw myself the budding writer whizzing through the challenges. I wouldn’t do well in the first one. This would establish myself as the underdog, but I would rally and knock the next challenges out of the water to win. Thus getting my first creative works published.

Sounds like a pipe dream right? Or maybe a great work of fiction?

Now one month after the first round has been submitted we have received our scores. Only the top 15 in each group gets a score and only the top 5 will move on after round 2. My first reaction to my score was excitement. I was in the top 15, a moment later I began to over think the score. I was a little upset that I hadn’t gotten a higher score.

However I have set myself up as the underdog with a chance to win. So really it is all going according to Screenshot_2015-09-18-21-41-35-1plan.

This round I am determined to do better. After all I need to be in the top five if I am going to make it to round 3. So hours before I get my prompt from NYC Midnight I have reached out to fellow writers and friends to read a story I haven’t even dreamed up yet.

I have google waiting and inspiration on hold.


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