What Could We Be Doing To Make Things Happen?

Instead of complaining what could we be doing to make things happen?

I have been guilty of this. At times I was focused on the result and what I wanted without really thinking about how I was going to get there. Its also something I see a lot of in my peers. When I saw in them I knew I needed to purge it from myself.

For instance a writing group on Facebook (admittedly one I’m not super active in) often is full of posts from people complaining about something or looking for a quick solution. I just read a post from someone claiming they tried to use boost post on Facebook for easy advertising, but couldn’t find the pricing. They were clearly angry and questioning the legality of this. Screenshot_2016-02-26-19-55-57-1

Now I know from experience the prices are there once you set your requirements for the post. Clearly this person didn’t look that hard or do much research on it before they moved into complaint mode.

I learned this lesson the hard way. When I first started my blog I thought I would be able to build a readership easily. Well a year later and I don’t think this is true. I didn’t really think much about what I was putting on my site to attract people’s interest. So my blog had turned into a stream of conscious with topics that likely only interested me and allowed me to go off on a tangent.

Gee, I wonder why no one would want to read that.

When I didn’t get the results I wanted I was disappointed and I began to lose focus on my blog and I grew distant from my social media pages. This only further pushed my side into obscurity. Obviously not what I wanted. So I shook off my previous thought pattern and began to work.

Screenshot_2016-02-26-19-56-59-1Let the research begin. When I actually do it I’m pretty good at researching. I can find the answer I’m looking for. I just need to start weeding through material.

What I found…

I started with social media. I quickly discovered that for whatever reason writers and bloggers are active on Twitter. I began to play with my twitter account to what would happen. In just a few weeks I went from 150 followers to 343 followers. In one year on Facebook I was still only at 167 followers. At that rate if I continue to be active on twitter I could have a real following/readership in no time.

But I can’t let up on it I must be persistent.

My next step is to research content. What should I be blogging about as a writer? I found a great article that really got me thinking about different possibility. If you’re interested check it out here. She gave great content suggestions for writers based on their goals.


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