About the Writer

   I am a reader and a writer. When I was younger I struggled to learn to read. In fact, I was one of the last kids in my class who learned, but I was determined to learn because I loved stories. My dad read to me and my sisters every night before we went to bed when we were little and my dad helped me learn how to read. Once I had mastered reading I was hooked. I became the fastest reader in all of my classes from then on. And it was shortly after this that I became a writer.

I love beauty, I love when I see a quote string words together so elegantly to express a thought. I want to share that quote. I want to learn from it so that I too can find a way to string words together to create something elegant. I bury my nose in books and breathe in the smell of the pages. No book has quite the same smell and I find that when I come back to a book that I have read and I smell the pages again it smells like the story. That memory and that moment come back to me.

My name is Rachel Eloise Patterson, I am twenty-six years old. I live in South Florida and yes, I love the heat. I graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in English Literature with a concentration on writing and rhetoric in Dec ’14. It is my goal to become a published author. Ideally, I would love it if I could have a rich patron support me so that I could stay home all day writing. (A girl can dream). In the meantime, I am working as a Web Content Specialist to support myself and writing my novels when I can. (Sleep is for the weak, right?).

Thank you for visiting my site.