Darrell Gwynn Foundation



Education and Prevention Program Booklet : This Pamphlet was a project that I worked on with a fellow intern during our Writing for Non-Profits course. The Darrell Gwynn Foundation needed a new education pamphlet because the one they had was out dated. I and my fellow intern worked together to split up the research, interview, and writing to give us each the opportunity to learn and work on every part of the project. We utilized tools such as Dropbox to collaborate remotely.

The Darrell Gwynn Foundation is a non-profit organization that was started by Darrell Gwynn and his wife after he was paralyzed in a drag race competition. The organization strives to educate people on spinal cord injuries, what causes them and how they can prevent them. One way they try to accomplishing this is to send speakers into schools to talk to kids. The organization also tries to raise money to give paralyzed children the power wheelchairs that they need just to get around easily.