This  is a collection of some of the work I have done as a writer. I am posting them here with permissions to  be viewed by anyone who may be Screenshot_2015-06-17-21-42-01-1interested in my skills. Thank you for taking the time to come look over my work.

In my role for 3deers.com, LLC I wrote content for clients’ websites and managed social media content creation for a number of clients. Click Here!

At the publishing firm HCI Books, I worked in PR and marketing where I drafted press releases, email campaigns, and social media campaigns. I learned a new style of writing that stretched me as an author. I proved my ability to meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment and to thrive under pressure. Because it was a small company, there was an opportunity to expand my role, and I seized upon the chance to assist the editorial department with manuscript proposals and join in editorial meetings to give feedback from a PR/marketing view. Click Here!

As a writing intern at Darrell Gwynn Foundation, I had the opportunity to develop multiple institutional materials, including a pamphlet on spinal cord injuries, prevention, and their education program that has been used for public distribution. My responsibilities at this internship also included ghostwriting for Co-Founder and President Darrell Gwynn. Click Here!