Growing, Changing, Books, and Blogging!

One thing I found as a new blogger is that my site is constantly evolving and changing as it grows into what I want it to become. When I first started just a few months ago I imagined pushing out several posts a week on what it’s like to be a writer. That hasn’t exactly been the case.

I have only posted a few articles so far and am working on more to come. I hold myself and Screenshot_2015-04-08-22-39-38-1my writing to such a high standard that when some of my posts haven’t hit the mark I aimed for I chose not post them saving them for when they’re ready.

I also have drifted closer to wanting to write book reviews. I so enjoyed reading and reviewing that first book I was given and voice my own opinion to the public which is something I haven’t done before. To imagine that my opinion might have some influence now or in the future is an intoxicating feeling.

It has been a challenge to get more books to review because of the famous catch 22 “You need to have experience to get experience”.  I refer to my degree in English Literature and my passion for books. I have read more books than I could ever begin to count and since high school have developed my own tastes and opinions for the books that I love to read. I do love a variety of books, but I hold the ones I love to a high standard.


So when a new book comes along that does live up to that standard it can be disappointing but I can also tell you exactly where the book may have gone wrong and what I would have liked to seen from it. On the other hand when I find a book that I love! I want to scream it. I want to share it with everyone I know. “Hey please read this book….like right now!” I want other readers to share my passion and I know they will want to share it to which is an amazing thing about the reading community.

I’m enjoying the blogging community and becoming a more active member of the book lover community and doing it all as a writer!

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